Legal Notices

Your product liability. This system provides you to create your own use product and you have ownership and responsibility for the use of your product from our ANYSHAPES system. You agree that your use of the product, for when you are responsible for creating your product, particularly if you share your content with family, friends, clients, and / or such as social networking sites (eg Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, etc. ) members and other third parties. You have a responsibility to independently verify the accuracy and integrity of your product. You represent and warrant to us that you will comply with all applicable laws and regulations relating to the right to use your product, including information on copyright law and privacy law. If we are because (a) your action, (2) Failing to act your needs, or (3) your content to third parties who were prosecuted or claims, you agree to defend ANYSHAPES, indemnify and therefore exempt ANYSHAPE. ANYSHAPES only produced on behalf of the consumer goods, the right to work of the commodity is not the burden of responsibility for us. Consumers must guarantee the use of the contents of this work protected by copyright law, the information belongs to others have obtained the consent of the right holder. consumers need to guarantee the content of this work does not contain defamatory or unlawful content and did not infringe the rights of others, if the issues in this work occurs infringement of any copyright or other third party rights, I bear all liability for the damages.